Is John Daly finding his way back?

Photo by  Keith Allison    Over the winter, a colleague of mine suggested that we start a different kind of golf fantasy game. The idea was simple enough: Get six people together, and do a draft. Trading and dropping players would be allowed, with total money at the end of the year determining the winner. Admittedly, […]

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The ongoing struggles of Mike Weir

Photo  by  rottinam  1443. That’s the current world ranking of 2003 Masters Champion Mike Weir. Of all 34 ranked Canadians, Weir sits 34th. It’s been a stunning fall from grace for the Brights Grove native who climbed golf’s highest mountain in April of 2003. Golf is known for one-hit wonders; guys who have a good week […]

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Unrealistic expectations dog Tiger at Olympic

This story was posted on ScoreMobile on June 18th, 2012. It is no longer available on ScoreMobile, but similar golf features will be posted there frequently. Check out for more info. Photo  by  Keith Allison    By Adam Sarson (Score Media)   The story felt so familiar.   Tiger Woods heading into Father’s Day weekend […]

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