Mark Wiebe’s profanity laced tirade

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on the golf course and done something stupid. Okay, now raise your hand again if after doing that stupid thing, you proceeded to hurl obscenities at the ball, you club and maybe even your playing partner, who happened to hole out from the greenside bunker, without a bounce. Fact is, we’ve all been there. Personally, I’m on my fourth putter in my less than ten years playing the game, and only one of those times was because I felt I needed a switch. Golf is a frustrating game, and one that will always lead to meltdowns, especially for those of us who play relatively frequently and take it seriously.

By now, you may have seen the below video from two-time PGA Tour winner Mark Wiebe at the Champions Tour’s AT&T Championship this week. The language is NSFW, so you may not want to play it depending on who’s around.

Look, I get why people could be offended by the language, but I’ve seen some articles online pointing to the idea that Wiebe needs to be fined or suspended for his actions. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. The more logical suggestion could be to put everything on a 30-second delay, so that those moments could either not be shown at all, or they could be bleeped out. Wiebe is known as one of the better putters in the game, and missing a short putt like that would fry anyone, let alone someone who’s supposed to gain strokes on the field with the flat stick.

Wiebe’s only human, and he’s doing what every single one of us have done on the course in the past, and will continue to do in the future. I’ll take what Wiebe did over throwing a club or destroying a piece of property any day. At least this was entertaining.

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