VIDEO: Nicolas Colsaerts takes relief in the bathroom

English: Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts, win...

English: Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts, winner of the Dutch Challenge Open 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t worry, nothing obscene being shown here, but this is one of the weirdest things that you’ll ever see on a golf course. Yesterday at the Volvo World Match Play in Bulgaria, Nicolas Colsaerts was pitted against Graeme McDowell in a rematch of last year’s final. The two men were playing the par-4 10th when Colsaerts drove his ball wildly out of play and into the hazard.
After discussing the situation with a rules official, it was decided that the nearest point of relief for the Belgian Bomber would be in the bathroom, where Colsaerts was forced to drop the ball inside the toilet and since it was an unplayable situation, he was then able to take relief from that spot. Seriously. Colsaerts was then able to drop his ball in the rough, where he calmly stepped up, hit his wedge onto the green and made par. Full video embedded below:

You know it’s pretty ridiculous when you can hear Colsaerts and the rules official laughing throughout the whole process, unlike some of the other drop situations we’ve run into in recent weeks, and I doubt we’ll ever see something like this again. Gotta love the Rules of Golf for forcing a guy to take a drop in a spot knowing that it’s an unplayable lie, and then allowing him to take another drop in a playable one.
McDowell went on to defeat Colsaerts 2 & 1 en route to winning the championship this morning against Thongchai Jaidee.

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