GIF: James Hahn and Joost Luiten each make an albatross

Holing out from anywhere on the course, regardless of how many shots you’ve taken previously is not easy, even for the best players in the world. An albatross, making a two on a par-5, is pretty much considered the rarest feat in all of golf. However, two of those best players in the world made everything look pretty easy on Friday, over 12,000 miles apart.

James Hahn, playing in the PGA Tour’s Sony Open in Hawaii and Joost Luiten, who is over in South Africa on the European Tour for the Volvo Golf Champions, each holed out from par-5 fairways on Friday. It is believed to be the first time ever that two players on professional tours have made an albatross on the same day.

Luiten smashed a 4-iron from 248 yards out, while Hahn was much closer, seeing his ball drop from 193 yards out. The best part? The Golf Channel wasn’t even filming Hahn closely, having a camera focused just on the green. The GIF below shows the amazing feat for both players.

hahn luiten double

2 Comments on “GIF: James Hahn and Joost Luiten each make an albatross”

  1. Love the way they both land on the green, track perfectly towards the hole, before delicately dropping in the front edge…can’t do much better than that!

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