The Little Things: Louis Oosthuizen’s swing

Louis Oosthuizen (Courtesy: ImagopixATL)

Louis Oosthuizen (Courtesy: ImagopixATL)

Covering the daily and weekly news in the world of professional golf can sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the smaller reasons why this game can be so great, which is why I’m going to start periodically posting a new feature: The Little Things. First up is a look at the swing of 2010 Open Championship winner Louis Oosthuizen. 

Three things that belong in the World Golf Hall of Fame that haven’t gotten there yet:

  • Ian Woosnam
  • Ryo Ishikawa’s wardrobe
  • Louis Oosthuizen’s swing on loop

oosthuizen swing

Seriously, look at that. Oosthuizen’s move at the ball is Adam Scott level good looking and it’s a shame that he can’t seem to stay healthy to show it off on a more regular basis. We’re lucky right now in that golf is blessed with a lot of great looking swings, from Rory, Adam and Charl to timeless classics like Ernie Els and Fred Couples, but Oosthuizen’s stands alone. Take a look at it in slow motion and try to point out a single flaw. You can’t.

oosthuizen slow mo

Oh, and by the way, his left handed swing looks just as good too.

Louis Oosthuizen's left-handed swing is better looking than 95% of regular swings.

Louis Oosthuizen’s left-handed swing is better looking than 95% of regular swings.

That’s just not fair.

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