Tiger Woods selects Chris Como as new swing coach


When Tiger Woods announced on his website that he was splitting with swing coach Sean Foley, just about every coach in golf was pegged as a potential replacement. Tiger going at it on his own was also an idea that was floated by many, but the former world number one has decided to go in a different direction, selecting 34-year old Texas-based instructor Chris Como as his new coach.


Como, who currently works with PGA Tour players Aaron Baddeley, Trevor Immelman, Richard Lee and Jamie Lovemark, was listed in a recent ranking by Golf Digest as one of the best young teachers in America and was apparently introduced to Tiger by Notah Begay. There isn’t a whole lot that’s known about Como, but he is a major proponent of biomechanics, as he is finishing up his masters degree at Texas Woman’s University.

I’m sure there’s many people shaking their heads right now at the mention of “biomechanics” or at the thought of Tiger going with another relatively unknown entity in Como. This does have a very Sean Foley-esque feel to it, but in all honesty, no one should be surprised by this move.

In the piece linked above by Matthew Rudy, he mentions the work of a Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon that Como is studying under. From Rudy’s piece:

Dr. Kwon is widely considered the foremost expert in golf biomechanics and “sport injury mechanism,” or how sports movements impact the body, and he developed his own super-advanced three-dimensional swing analysis software package, Kwon3D, to show instructors exactly what their students’ bodies are doing.

Tiger has always wanted to know everything that’s going on with his body and swing, so it’s easy to see how he could have been interested in something like Kwon3D which Como would have definitely shown him at some point in their discussions. Tiger’s inability to stay on the course in recent years is his biggest source of frustration and if he thinks that Como and Kwon can keep him healthy, or at least healthier, it makes sense that he would make this call.

As much as I wanted to see Tiger do things on his own, there was no chance that was going to happen. As he’s pointed out several times before, he’s always had a coach, starting with his father before moving on to Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Foley and now Como. Tiger, like most golfers, is a creature of habit and not having a coach by his side for the first time in his life was probably just too much of a change from a routine that, let’s be honest, has worked pretty well to this point in his career.

The adjustment will probably be just as big for Como as it is for Tiger. As Foley pointed out in a piece by Jason Sobel, coaching Tiger is unlike anything else and considering that’s coming from a guy who coached world class players like Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan prior to taking Tiger on, his perspective is worth noting. Even when he was being attacked from just about every angle, Foley always seemed to handle the situation with Tiger extremely well. Tiger is one of the world’s most scrutinized athletes, with every 74 and missed cut analyzed and dissected to insane levels, and Foley saw his fair share of criticism for those days, despite Tiger winning eight times as a member of his stable. Those eight wins are more than any other player on the PGA Tour in that time, but when you’re Tiger Woods, being compared to other tour pros isn’t good enough.

Under Foley, the injuries mounted and the major championships did not. Both of those are now the responsibility of Como, who will work with a player who moves the needle more than anyone in the game and also happens to turn 40 in 2015. No one has any idea how it’s going to play out, but you can be sure that it’s going to be fascinating to watch.

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