2014 GIFs of the Year: The Shots

Jack's still got it.

Jack’s still got it.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting my 2014 Golf GIF Roundups, broken down into several ‘Best Of’ categories. Today, we look back at some of the best shots over the past twelve months.

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Last year’s Shots

Whenever you hear golf commentators talk about “Shots of the Day”, in all likelihood you are about to see a shot where the ball goes in the hole. Putts, chip-ins, hole outs from the fairway or an ace are all possibilities, but what you rarely see are the ones where a player gets creative or when the situation appears to be so dire, that a quality result seems to be nearly impossible. Those are the ones I’m interested in, the ones where the pros get to show off how good they really are when it looks like they have no chance.

These are the best of those from 2014, plus a few that did drop because you can’t just ignore those entirely.

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