2015 Presidents Cup: GIFs, Vines and Tweets

10.10.15 haas hug

Bill and Jay Haas hug it out after winning the Presidents Cup.

The 2015 Presidents Cup was a ton of fun, and a lot of that was because despite the time difference, Twitter was on fire. I’ll have some thoughts on the events in another post, but here are the best moments from the past four days:



10.09.15 phil bunker



10.10.15 lahiri miss

The excruciating miss from Lahiri on 18.

10.10.15 bae chip

Sangmoon Bae will be thinking about this for the rest of his life.




10.09.15 phil zj


10.10.15 lee reax to lahiri 10.10.15 reed phil reax to kirk putt


10.10.15 bae caddie

Sangmoon being consoled by his caddie.

Broadcast Moments

10.07.15 reed shh

Love you, Patrick.

10.08.15 don't hit it in water

Reminder: Don’t hit it in the water.


10.10.15 louis beekeper

Louis, the beekeeper.

10.10.15 louis bucket hat vest

Louis with the bucket hat and vest.

Don’t Hit It There

10.10.15 phil umbrella

Phil into an umbrella.


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