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When I first started writing this blog back in 2012, I didn’t really have much of a plan.

All I really wanted to get out of this was to have a place where I could stretch some of my creative muscles, as I had switched out of an editorial position at my day job about two years prior, and I was missing the feeling of putting something out there. It didn’t matter to me how many people read it, or shared any of the posts on Twitter; it was about creating something, and ultimately, getting better with each passing post.

Something interesting happened though: I gained a bit of a following, largely buoyed by a chance connection, and later, a friendship, with a small shop called No Laying Up. I liked what they were doing, and much like me, their focus every day was not on growing NLU, but on their regular day jobs. We kind of grew together online for a little bit before they (rightfully) rocketed past me on the way to superstardom, and I couldn’t be happier for the success they’ve had. The fact that I consider them, and many others, friends of mine now is pretty special, and it’s all because of this blog that it happened.

So, why am I writing this right now? Like I said, when I started this blog, I didn’t really have much of a plan, but as it and my Twitter feed became more popular because of the support of people like Shane Bacon, NLU, Kyle Porter and many others, I started to write a lot more. A couple of posts per month turned into a couple of posts per week, not to mention my frequent posting on Twitter. Unless I was sleeping, there likely wasn’t more than two hours that went by without me firing off a golf related take about something, and it has led to a lot of cool experiences and even better friendships. Sweetens and the ridiculousness of #BlogCabin actually being a thing are two experiences that I’ll never forget. Hell, I even got invited to Scotland on the backs of this blog.

However, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been doing as much over the last year or so. The last thing I actually wrote here was about the stupidity of Sergio going nuclear on those greens in the Middle East, and that was nine months ago, which has led to a few people asking me where the #content has gone over the past little while. Truthfully, it’s not a very exciting story, but it essentially boils down to two things:

First, my workload at theScore has increased significantly in the past year. It turns out that building a sportsbook alongside a connected media app experience is a lot of work! To be honest, most days, I’ve come home and just wanted to shut off for the night.

Secondly, while I still love golf, and watch more of it than I assume a lot of people do, I’m not as entranced with professional golf as I have been previously. There were a lot of great stories in 2019, as there always is, but the yearlong grind is a lot. As a fan, if you don’t extract yourself from it, modern professional golf will never let you breathe; suffocating you with tournaments every week that frequently appear to be more concerned with telling you about the brand activation from a company you’ve never heard of than about the players and tournaments allowing for that brand to get the airtime. This isn’t a golf specific complaint or a shot at anyone in particular because it happens everywhere, and without it, you wouldn’t get to see so much of the good work that gets done by the people who keep the gears turning on a weekly basis, but it is noticeable and takes away from the actual golf being played by the best players in the world.

It’s not an original take by any means, but the yearlong nature of the professional game where we’re told that everything matters has, at least with me, had the reverse effect. Golf never gives you a chance to miss having it around, and while it’s cool to know that I can turn Golf Channel on pretty much any week and watch something live from somewhere, it reduces the need to tune in with any kind of regularity because you know that it’s always going to be on again in a few days. We talk a lot about how leagues like the NBA have now transitioned into 12-month leagues where there’s always something going on that you have to pay attention to, but that’s successful because we’re only talking about the news cycle. There’s a big difference between paying attention to Dion Waiters popping off at fans on Instagram, and if the next season started two weeks after the NBA Finals ended with what fans knew were less meaningful games that still counted the same as games in February.

So, what does any of this mean for this blog? I’m not entirely sure, other than the fact that I do plan on being more active on here than I have been recently. The time “off” that I’ve taken has actually kind of rejuvenated me a little, harkening back to that whole “giving you a chance to miss it” thing in the paragraph above.

The Top 100 should still be coming, though if I’m going to do it, I should probably start putting it all together, and what you might end up seeing is more thoughts outside of professional golf, focusing on other things that pique my interest about what makes this game great, weird, and enthralling. In the meantime, please make sure that you’re doing the five things listed below because you’ll be better off as a golf fan because of it.

P.S. Tiger Woods won the Masters, and picked himself for the Presidents Cup team over Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. That’s a real sentence that I just wrote in 2019.


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