2013 GIFs of the Year: The WTFs

Jim Furyk, rapper.

Jim Furyk, rapper.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting my 2013 Golf GIF Roundups, broken down into several ‘Best Of’ categories. Today, we look back at some of the moments on and off the course from 2013 that made you ask, What The Fuck!?

As we’ve mentioned many times before, golf is a game that simply doesn’t make much sense, even to those who are the best players in the world. During a round of golf, there are likely several instances in which yourself or one of your playing partners just can’t explain what the hell just happened on the course, and the same goes for the professionals. The good news is that when this doesn’t happen to us, it can be quite entertaining or at the very least, so bad that you can’t turn away. The Jim Furyk GIF above is the perfect example of that.

Here are the best of those moments in the 2013 GIFs of the Year: The WTFs. If you hover over each image, you’ll get a brief description of why it made the list.

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