2013 GIFs of the Year: Phil Mickelson

Walking out to receive the Claret Jug

Walking out to receive the Claret Jug

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been posting my 2013 Golf GIF Roundups, broken down into several ‘Best Of’ categories. Today, we come to the end of the line as we take a look back at the 2013 season of Phil Mickelson.

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Phil Mickelson had quite the year in 2013, with more highs and lows than a lot of players will see over an entire career. The near 59 at the Waste Management kicked it off, and after another runner-up finish at the U.S. Open, Mickelson did the unthinkable and actually won across the pond on back-to-back weeks at the Scottish Open and the Open Championship. Seeing Mickelson lift the Claret Jug is something I never thought I’d witness, but it’s a testament to his ever evolving game and skill set. At a time when he should be getting worse, especially with his arthritic wrists, Mickelson seems to be doing just fine and as you’ll see below, he’s as creative as he’s ever been.

If you hover over each image, you’ll get a brief description of why it made the list.

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