2016 Year In Review: Part One

Over the past twelve months, golf has been on one hell of a ride.

The highs were absolutely dizzying. Young stars have taken over at the top of the game, but players like Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson proved that they are far from done. Dustin Johnson finally got his major win, Jason Day had a historically good season with the putter, the U.S. Ryder Cup team actually beat Europe and somehow, none of the television networks have started charging us to watch Rory McIlroy hit shots on Pro Tracer.

Still though, as good as all of that was, the lows were depressing. Golf’s governing bodies still have no idea how to control the distance epidemic, Muirfield voted against allowing women into their club and lost the Open Championship as a result, the USGA couldn’t have handled their two biggest events any worse, we don’t really have an idea of what to expect out of the greatest player many of us have ever seen and we said our final goodbye to the most important man in the history of the game.

When I did the 2015 Year In Review posts, I managed to get to sixty stories that I thought were worth mentioning. This year though was too packed with noteworthy items to just stop at sixty. So, for the 2016 Year In Review, I present the top 100 stories from the past twelve months in the world of golf, with an admitted larger focus on the men’s professional game than other areas. They will be broken down into ten individual posts and just like last year, some are fun and light hearted and others are more serious but they all depict the kind of year the game has had in 2016.

Good luck topping this one, 2017.

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