2017 Year In Review: 20-11

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2017 Year In Review: 30-21

Previous posts: 100-91 – 90-81 – 80-71 – 70-61 – 60-51 – 50-41 – 40-31

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2017 Year In Review: 40-31

Previous posts: 100-91 – 90-81 – 80-71 – 70-61 – 60-51 – 50-41

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2017 Year In Review: 50-41

Previous posts: 100-91 – 90-81 – 80-71 – 70-61 – 60-51

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2017 Year In Review: 60-51

Previous posts: 100-91 – 90-81 – 80-71 – 70-61

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2017 Year In Review: 100-91

2017 was a fun year for golf fans. Just take a quick look at some of the things that happened over the last twelve months:

    • The youth movement continued, as players like Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm emerged as two of the best players in the world
    • We had drama in pretty much every major championship, men’s and women’s, and it produced great moments and deserving champions
    • Phil Mickelson continued to do Phil Mickelson stuff
    • Tiger’s latest comeback looks like it could actually last
    • And as usual, a bunch of weird shit just happened that made the game fun and intriguing across the board

So, with that in mind, I’ve put together my annual year in review where I look at the top 100 stories of the year. Some are serious and some are absurd, but they cover every aspect of the game, from the tournaments to the equipment to the media, and everything in between. Now, I’m sure that you may take issue with some of my rankings, particularly as we get close to the end of the list and that’s fine! Feel free to leave any comments that you may have, or hit me up on Twitter with any feedback. I’ve looked at this from the perspective of what interested me the most over the last twelve months, and I think it’s in a pretty good spot, but I’m very interested to hear your thoughts as we head towards 2018.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at stories 100 through 91.

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October Mailbag

The mailbag took a one month hiatus, but it’s back! As always, continue sending your questions to me on Twitter or to my email: adamrsarson@gmail.com

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