2013 GIFs of the Year: The Shanks

Lee Westwood goes off the tree before whiffing completely.

Lee Westwood goes off the tree before whiffing completely.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting my 2013 Golf GIF Roundups, broken down into several ‘Best Of’ categories. Today, we look back at some of the worst shots and putts from 2013.

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There’s an argument to be made that of all of the professional sports, golf is the most frustrating to play at every level. One of the things that makes the game so interesting and infuriating is that after you make that birdie on the opening hole, you’re just as likely to post a triple bogey on the short par-4 second after finding the fairway from the tee. This isn’t just for you and me either, it goes for the pros that we watch every week on television. The same guys that make the incredible shots and escapes in the post above run into the bad holes just like we do. If you want a perfect example, go back to the recent World Cup of Golf, where reigning Masters champion Adam Scott put up a nine, or how on back-to-back holes, Stuart Manley managed an ace on the par-3 third and then followed it up with an eleven. Golf doesn’t make sense, and it never will.

So, with that said, I’m not posting these GIFs to make fun of the pros. These guys are the absolute best in the world at what they do and they never cease to amaze me, but it’s nice every once and a while to get a reminder that I’m not the only guy that duffs one from the middle of the fairway from time to time. Here are the best, or worst depending on your vantage point, shanks from the 2013 season. I’ve also included a couple of instances where players had to switch around and play left-handed because if you’ve ever done that, it’s pretty much the worst. If you hover over each image, you’ll get a brief description of why it made the list.

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